My files were deleted after I created an account

What I’m trying to do

I created an obsidian account, after I had already created some files and written some notes in them. Eventually, I signed in to my account and when I try to open my files, they dont open and I get the following pop up:
Bildschirm­foto 2023-10-26 um 15.15.20
Btw: the graph still shows the links between the files, just the notes dont open.

Things I have tried

I tried to look for the trash folder but couldn´t find it. I looked in my icloud and also couldn´t find the files there. I dont know what to do. I cant just rewrite those notes from scratch again.

I´m desperate for some advice!

An Obsidian account is only necessary if you subscribe to Obsidian Sync or Obsidian Publish. Where did you sign up and where did you sign-in?

In any event, signing in won’t delete any notes. If you search the forum for “ENOENT,” there are a few posts, but mostly from Windows users.

I see from your screenshot your vault is on your Desktop. Is it possible you have iCloud’s Desktop & Document sync enabled and iCloud removed the local files/folders?

You could try looking in the Finder to see if the files and folders are grayed out or have a cloud icon next to them. If they are there, you could force a download from iCloud.

If iCloud’s Desktop & Document sync was indeed on, you might be able to find some files from here:

Do you have any external backups like Time Machine or similar?

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if you don’t have any backup files, then you have to resort to some tools like AnyRecover or FoneDog Data Recovery, stuff like that to help you out. Good luck to you.

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