My daily note template designed to flow with the day

I have been using this template for several years and made incremental adjustments based on how well it flows with my day. It, along with ObsidianMD, has added a lot of value to the structure of my days. I appreciate the software and the community :slight_smile:

I make use of various plugins and apps in conjunction with Obsidian as a hub for my day.

  • Dice: Used to pull randomly from a list of affirmations for the day
  • Dataview: Used to pull tasks I have tagged specifically from either meetings or if thereโ€™s a task that needs to be pushed into the next day
  • Hookmark: Used to launch specific apps or views based on my workflow
  • Structured: Used for a friendly view of time availability between events

I have other templates Iโ€™ve developed in conjunction with the daily template in a system. I hope this is beneficial for others or sparks some ideas of your own!

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