My content disappears automatically. I have to press ctrl + Z for it to reappear

When i use the app, If I let my note aside a few minutes, then, the content of the note is removed automatically. SO I get my note, with a title, without content. I have to make a CTRL+Z to recover it. But I have never removed it myself. It happens automatically.

Someone else have this issue ?

Today, My note has been definitively removed. Impossible to recover it. That’s too much. I lost like 2 hours of work. It’s frustrating because I liked the app but i can’t use a note app that decides to remove content randomly.

I’m on mac sonoma,

Obsidian version: 1.5.12

Obsidian version

Are your notes open in some other program or are you using some third party sync software (icloud)?

Have you tried the “File Recovery” tool? Go to the settings for that tool, and search for your note. You might find some previous versions there.

+1 to what WhiteNoise said. This is probably being caused by a cloud sync tool.

If you are using iCloud, make sure to go to System Settings → iCloud → Optimize Mac Storage → TURN IT OFF!

And if “File Recovery” doesn’t work, there may be a copy in your Time Machine or other general backups.

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