My brackets is not aligned

The right bracket is a little higher than the left bracket both in the edit mode and preview mode.


And I find this problem also appear in the forum.

I use the default font and I didn’t change the setting or CSS, does anyone face the same problem?

Is this still a problem? It hasn’t been reported elsewhere and since it’s occurring outside of the app, I wonder if it has something to do with your operating system font?

Kindly move this topic to Bug Report. I confirm this problem for Windows 10 / 0.8.11.

Hmm, so I’m on Windows 10, and I don’t see this, but I was playing around with zoom, and the brackets did get misaligned. It depended on the zoom level whether the right bracket was higher or the left bracket.

Can you both test this?

They are misaligned with zoom set to “actual size” on my machine with the right bracket being higher than the left one.

If I decrease zoom once, they get aligned. With two or more zoom outs they get misaligned again.

If I increase zoom once or twice, they get misaligned the other way: the right bracket gets lower than the left one. If I increase it thrice, it gets aligned perfectly. Further zoom ins result in all three behaviors with no apparent logic.

Well I’m inclined to say this isn’t an Obsidian bug, but a operating system font rendering issue. What do you think?


I guess you’re half-right: it’s not the OS, it’s Chromium glitch. The stuff above renders awfully in my Chromium-based Edge and Chromium-based Vivaldi.

On the other hand, MS Word renders them perfectly, so does five-year-old Internet Explorer 11.

Upd: filed a bug report, but on the bug-tracking website the issue doesn’t appear. :man_shrugging:

Oh interesting. Thanks for filing the Chromium bug report.

They’re trying to close the bug automatically without fixing it.

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