Must headings be written at the start of the line?

Hello, I am using logseq meanwhile trying the obsidian. In logseq, the first header, I can write at the top of the line. The second header, I can indent with a tab before using double # to write the second header. However, it doesn’t work in obsidian which makes me very uncomfortable. Could anyone Know how to solve it ?Thank you very much.

What I’m trying to do

Indenting text a full tab or 4 spaces in Markdown marks it as code. You need to indent by 3 or fewer spaces.

I think the Outliner plugin enables the behavior you want.

If you don’t want to use Outliner: near the bottom of Settings > Editor, turn off Use tabs, then set Tab size to 3. The Tab key will now insert 3 spaces. But this will affect other uses of indentation (for example, sub-lists).

Also, I reworded the post title for clarity; if you’d like it changed again, just let me know. (For posterity: original title was “Must the header written at the top of the line?”.)

Thanks for replying. The plugin of outliner I had tried which also can’t work like logseq(Or I didn’t find how to config it correctly). In another way, I changed the tab size from 4 to 3, however, it only worked in two levels. From the third level it can’t work, like the following demo:
So, until now, I’m usually still using logseq.

iirc markdown headings must always be at the start of a line, although CSS can make them appear indented

logseq’s architecture is fundamentally different to Obsidian since it is a block based outliner.
Many people try to use logseq and Obsidian together, but that’s not always a straightforward process because of the differences.

You can’t indent multiple levels. The only things in Markdown that support that are list items.

After a brief test, it looks like Obsidian allows headings in list items (I don’t know if that’s standard Markdown). So you can do this:

- # First Heading
    - ## Second Heading
        - ### Third Heading

You can type it, your theme may even display them like headings, but I’m not sure they behave as headings. Try linking to one.

Hm, yeah, Obsidian doesn’t recognize it as part of the document outline. But it does display it correctly in both Live Preview and Reading Mode. I’m not sure what the correct or intended behavior is.

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