Multitouch drag on iOS

Use case or problem

I want to move a file from one directory to another in the navigation pane, where the source and destination directories are too far apart to both be seen in one screen, so require scrolling.

On iOS I’m used to doing this with multitouch, i.e. press and hold with one finger on the file to be moved, then while holding it down use another finger to scroll to the destination directory, then release the first finger on top of the destination directory.

However I can’t do this in Obsidian. When I touch the second finger to start scrolling, the file disappears from my first finger.

Proposed solution

I have no idea how Obsidian’s or iOS’s internals work but it feels to me as a user that iOS has a native drag and drop experience that Obsidian isn’t using. iOS drag and drop also works between apps as an alternative to the traditional share menu.

For me a perfect but extreme solution would be to use this native system to allow me to drag files even between apps. Obsidian does support this for dragging highlighted text to another app, just not files.

A perhaps more practical solution would be to implement support for multitouch drag and similar to iOS, at minimum for scrolling but ideally also for screen changes (e.g. dragging files to another vault by “holding” the file with one finger while navigating to another vault with another).

Current workaround (optional)

Currently to move a file to a folder that takes scrolling to get to, you can drag the file towards the bottom/top of the screen which invokes an autoscroll of sorts.

Related feature requests (optional)


Another, more abstract, workaround is to use “Move file to…” in the file browser context menu (or of the note is open, in the note menu or command palette).

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I noticed this quirk as well today. It seems to work normally until you pick the second finger up, at which point the file you’re dragging goes away/falls back to its place. Bummer.