Multiple windows of the same vault (repost)

Use case or problem

Allow multiple windows of the same vault (e.g. multi-monitor setup, topic related workspaces)

Has been filed here already, bringing the plead again; Hope i am not the only one.

Proposed solution

let obsidian span a 2nd or multiple instances of the same vault

Current workaround (optional)

I create a symlink to the vault and open that as ‘different’ vault.

Related feature requests (optional)


I am just a user, but I do use multiple windows on multiple monitors, you just drag one tab on your second monitor and it goes out as a new window.


I don’t know if this solves your problem already, but you can as felixchenier mentioned just drag your note out of your obsidian instance and it opens in a new window.

Same is possible if you use the comand pallette (CTRL + P) and select “Open current tab in new window” or “Move current tab to new window

I love the aforementioned capability, but what I am rather painfully missing is the right sidebar, so that I can see e.g. back links and outgoing links right next to my newly created window.
(I don’t care about the left side bar as much)
Maybe you, too, are missing that functionality?


thank you both for your advice!

yes I found the function to pop out a tab as window, that is already useful to move around (or have it pinned on a workspace/monitor). What it won’t provide is the full application (sidebars, (icon)navigation). What I understood that this a challenge to implement. Anyways, usecase is 80% covered with pop out windows, closing this.

Just for somebody’s reference, issue is also described here:
Option for pop-out windows to have panes as main window like file explorer and outline.

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