Multiple vaults on iPad

Running on iPad, I have two vaults I’d like to use, and it’s a pain to switch between them. Is it:


Question 1:
A: Look up Obsidian URI scheme.

Question 2:
A: No. Might work on a jailbroken device (using Crane tweak perhaps), but it makes more sense to merge the vaults and use folders and tags for specific areas.


For Q1, that works great - the Shortcut app lets me make shortcuts on the home screen, nice and easy, and obsidian://open?vault=<Vault Name> seems to work great.

For Q2 - it’s possible, but not ideal - my vaults have different plugins, configs and sharing, and navigation on mobile is tricky enough that keeping things separate would be much nicer.

A workaround would be to use .mobile1 and .mobile2 (or vaultname1 and vaultname2) configs and reload the merged vault from Settings > About from either of those. Sharing is done through Properties, for instance.

You can switch vaults by tapping the vault name in the sidebar (or the down arrow next to it that hints at the possibility but is hard to see). It’s much easier than using the vault icon. (I’m assuming you’re using the vault icon.)

Ah nice! For some reason my theme had made that disappear, but it’s back now. Definitely easier. Still takes a long time to load my main vault though.

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