Multiple Vaults Not Stacking in Windows

What I’m trying to do

I currently have three vaults – my main vault and two specialized ones. For a long time, the way they showed up when I had them all open in Windows was as a nested “stack” of windows in the toolbar.

But for months now, for reasons I can’t determine, whichever one opens first stays “solo,” even though when I open the additional vaults, they stack with each other. (I don’t know if there’s a real, official terminology for this.)


Can anyone tell me why it’s doing this? It’s easier to use them when they ALL stack together, because then when you mouse over them, you can see all the options and click to open the right window, whereas if they show up like separate apps, you have to check them all separately. A minor thing, to be sure, but disruptive to the workflow.

The same thing happened to me, with the variation that one app icon was one of the old Obsidian icons. Then after a half hour or so or more (possibly after closing and opening different vaults), the icon differences disappeared and the windows became stacked. Quitting all Obsidian vaults and starting again brings about the same all over again.

At roughly the same time or maybe since the last 1.4.13 install (difficult to say because I spend most of my time on Linux now), my PowerShell script opening Obsidian and changing the priority on all processes to high also doesn’t work.

To answer the question, Windows thinks they are different programs, that’s why the vault windows are not stacked – but as I said, initially they are not – they even have different icons – then they merge.
A minor annoyance, at most, from where I’m sitting, but still.

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A minor annoyance, at most, from where I’m sitting, but still.

Agreed. It’s not a major functional issue. It would be nice to understand why it’s doing this, though, given that it doesn’t seem to be consistent one way or the other.

So it was not you alone, all right. I suspect there are a lot of people having similar issues (simply because my installers are up to date and am not doing anything dodgy) but they don’t come forward with it.

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