Multiple Vaults Issue

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What I’m trying to do

Resolve a second 'Vault' under Obsidian Vault

Things I have tried

  1. Vault 1 (Obsidian) is on my desktop xxx/Desktop/Obsidian,
  2. Vault 2 is located ‘somehow’ in xxx/Desktop/Obsidian/Vault 2.
  3. When I open Vault 1 - Obsidian, Vault 2 is a folder under Obsidian.
  4. When I Open Vault 2 using file/open vault, I can view both Vaults and select only Vailut 2

Q1: if I want to keep them separate do I just follow the guide to move the Vault?
Q2: even though I created Vault 2 as a new Vault - why does it show as a folder?

Opinion please: Vault 2 is a unique project (a map of our assets and financial info for benefactors upon death) is it best to maintain it as a folder under Obsidian as is?

Thank you

This is a nested vault set up rather than a separate vault set up. Search for nested vaults to access all the discussion around their use.
When Vault 1 is open , Vault 2 will be a folder and you can access all files in it.
When Vault 2 is open, you cannot access files in Vault 1 that are outside its folder.
To have separate vaults they should be xxx/Desktop/Obsidian and xxx/Desktop/Vault2

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