Multiple template folders

Use case

I share sub-folders from my vault with other people, and I’d like to be able to have shared templates with them too. This is however not possible because the template plugin can only read from a single location, making it hard for have one set of templates that are shared and another set that are unique to myself.


+1 I have the same use case. It would be great to have multiple template folders.

+1 I would also like to request this feature.

My use case is this: I have a “recipes” folder, and I want to be able to quickly insert those recipes into a shopping list, but I don’t want them to live under my normal template folder.

+1 for organizing templates

This is VERY interesting
How do you sort them: and are the values static or did you find a way to make them add ingredients when you alter the amount of persons to be cooked for?
Would love to know more about your setup. Maybe a use case in a dedicated forum thread?