Multiple paragraphs in lists


Can you please tell me if there is a plugin or other way how to correctly insert text with multiple paragraphs into a list?

I know, for example, that it can be done through <br>, but it is uncomfortable if I copy text from another source and want to put it into the list at once

I have attached a screenshot of how I have it now

Indent the paragraph(s) under the list item.

- text

    First paragraph 
    Second paragraph

Also, when you post HTML like <br> you need to mark it as code (same way you mark code in Obsidian, see Help) so the forum doesn’t interpret it.

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Thank you!

I’ll take note, but it would be interesting to know about the existence of such a plugin to make the work easier

If you select all of the paragraphs after the list item and press Tab (or the indentation button in the mobile toolbar), it will indent them all at once, which saves some effort.

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