Multiple links linking to one page


I use obsidian to study and I will give an example of what I am requesting for.

ccb means calcium channel blockers

I want to be able to create [[ccb]] links that go to [[calcium channel blockers]]

another example is
hepatocellular cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the liver

all these mean the same thing. depending on the source material any can be used.

can I have all these three appear in the unlinked backlinks section of say [[liver cancer]] and be able to link them all to [[liver cancer]]

apologies if this has been requested. I searched but did not find any request matching this.

Currently I creat multiple pages [[liver cancer]], [[hepatocellular carcinoma]] [[cancer of the liver]] and link them all to [[liver cancer]].
That way which ever I land on, I have some way to quickly navigate to [[live cancer]], the page where my notes on liver cancer is stored.

same applies to the drug example. In medicine abbreviations are very common and sometimes I wish these abbreviations could be set to point directly to the pages. egg [[ccb]] when clicked opens [[calcium channel blockers]]

Thank you

You’re looking for aliases in front matter. I’m mobile so i don’t have a link handy, but that’s the answer. I can expand later if necessary.


As @dddave says:


Thank you so much. really helped me.

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