Multiple Languages Support

Use case or problem

I am an English speaker learning Mandarin and currently all the words in my notes on Mandarin are red underlined because they’re not English words (believe it or not).

Proposed solution

Allow a user to select multiple languages.

Current workaround

There are none really, I suppose the only workaround would be to change the language when I go to study Mandarin, but then all the English words in that document would be red underlined so its either or.


One solution would be for “Spell checker” to respect “language” or “languages” field specified in YAML-front-matter of each note.

I use the following workaround: Obsidian → Settings → Editor → Spell check → OFF



I keep it turned off as well, have a lot of notes in all kinds of live and dead languages… Not crucial to have them spellchecked, but would be nice.

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Ah thank you for the workaround!

this has been implemented in the new editor