Multiple Graph View Filters and Color Grouping for Each

Use case or problem

I have many different sections of my vault with tons of files linking together which all have different color groups for each folder on the graph. This makes it very hard to find anything in the global graph easily and trying to filter one folder results in nodes of all the same colors unless I manually go in and add more color groups which slows down the graph rendering even more.

This is what’s kept me from really using graph view in any capacity.

Proposed solution

I would love the ability to have different filters that each have their own color groups that I could switch between easily. Essentially functioning like workspaces for the graph view.

I would probably recommend using the name Groups for this and changing the node coloring name to Colors as I think that would help clear up some confusion about what these do.

That or just call it Views :joy:

Current workaround (optional)

The only workaround for something like this is to create different workspaces and load those in as the color grouping is saved per workspace.

It’s too clunky and I would rather not have to switch my entire workspace just to change color groupings on the graph.


Commenting in support of this kind of feature. Even better if filters become composable or can be combined in whatever form they ultimately take (much in the way that CSS snippets can be individually applied).

+1 from me too. My ideal implementation would have them be something like checkboxes that we could dynamically enable/disable; a term used in the discord was “lenses.” Having multiple lenses able to engage at once could really help with filtering content.

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+1 for sure. Graph view is great, but I’m definitely not able to use it as granularly as I’d like given the above-mentioned bottlenecks.

I’m a heavy user of Daily Notes and it would be lovely to be able to switch between showing/not showing them, quickly and easily.

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This would go a long way toward bridging the gap between the local graph and the full graph view. Having an easy way to create and store contexts or filter sets (like saved searches) would make the graph view a much more accessible tool.

The current functionality of repeatedly re-crafting filters as needed limits how much effort can be put into specializing the graph view for a particular task. I might work out a good trick to show exactly what I need, but unless I have confidence in my ability to remember it, tracking and reapplying the filters becomes a larger chore than wading through all the irrelevant notes each time.

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