Multiple Dataview Rows/Note Workaround

Things I have tried

I have been playing around with Dataview (and in particular the object() function) to see if it is possible to use to set up my desired workflow. I’ve read the Dataview documentation, and most of the Dataview plugin snippet showcase. No luck so far!

In particular - I have no idea what the object() function does. It appears to make it possible to create multiple key-value relationships (i.e. mimicking the metadata on a note) but I can’t find any example use cases or detailed documentation on how to use it effectively.

What I’m trying to do

My desired workflow would allow me to create multiple table rows per note (i.e. metadata at the heading or even block level). I understand that Dataview currently does not support this so I’m hoping someone can give me either a clever workaround or suggest a different workflow that still suits.

Example use (there are several uses structurally similar to this that I can post for further clarity if required):

For my Contact notes (e.g. Directory/Contacts/ - I’d like to include a Dataview table of all interactions I have recorded with them arranged by date/time. I would like to be able to do this without having to create a new note for each interaction - i.e. by including a record of each interaction in my daily log.

Each interaction would ideally contain the following fields in addition to a short free form summary (typed in the daily note itself)

  • Date - link back to daily note
  • Who - list of links to associated contact/group notes
  • Where - optional field linking to associated location note
  • Subject - list of tags and/or links (can be two separate fields if required) categorizing discussion
  • Medium - selected from short list (if possible) e.g. Email, Text, Whatsapp, Verbal…
  • (possibly other fields as I develop my data structures)

Obviously this is not a problem for the first interaction I have in a day:
1100: #Meeting w/ [Who:: [[Sarah]]] at [Where:: [[MelbourneOffice]]] we had a [Medium:: [[Conversation]]] about [Subject:: #Dogs, [[MetroProject]], [[Steve]]]. She agreed we need to move the project deadline forward, and will speak to [[Metro Site Manager]] about it.

This will show up nicely in a Query on the [[Sarah]] page (or for that matter, the [[Steve]] page or any of the others) - the problem arises when I have a second conversation I need to log the same day.

So - is there any way to work around this limitation? Can I use the Object() function in a clever way? Or is there an obvious workflow amendment I’m missing to fix the problem?

Any suggestions welcome! Key requirement is that I don’t want to have to create a new note for each interaction (as I’ll be logging quite a few of these each day).


the same problem just another use case!

i have so many invoices that i need to process and i want to have all of them on one page, not create new note for every items.

it will be amazing, if someone can help with this question!


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