Multiple Columned Notes Like Separate Tabs but In One Note

In one Line: Being Able to Add a section in A NOTE Which consists of (any) number of Columns that work just like A separate note independent to each other.

Use case or problem:

I use Tracker plugin for my daily needs, and also use Tables (already in obsidian).
These both display a result which cannot hold any text to the sides. same with Embeds, Images or Charts etc.
There’s just so much space wasted due to this.

**The Feature I Request: **
Creating Columns which can display code blocks and can be adjusted just like having 2 tabs.
I don`t use Multiple Tabs for this is because you have to Create multiple notes and then the headers, scroll-bars all clutter the screen. and it’s not seamless.

An alternative feature can also be able to save the workspace as a command executed upon opening a note (e.g. Tracker note; opening it causes 3 other notes to open to the side in predefined saved ratios) While this is easier to implement(probably) It is not seamless and just creates unnecessary notes.

OR Having Tables be Adjustable and be able to display Data view, Bulleted Lists etc. might produce a similar Result. but what if we want 2 tables side by side…

Current workaround (optional)

Using snippets (don`t really sometimes work, you have to manually type in a code block type to adjust the columns instead of just dragging with a mouse) and they break with plugins.

Related feature requests (optional)

Better Tables. Adjustable formattable … I mean at least the Size should be changeable.
Anything that reduces Friction for Everyone. Is in my opinion a great edition to Obsidian.

Have you tried GitHub - ckRobinson/multi-column-markdown: A plugin for the Obsidian markdown note application, adding functionality to render markdown documents with multiple columns of text.? I do a variant with Multi Column | Modular CSS Layout