Multiple classes of tags

I am wondering if it is possible to have multiple classes of tags. For example, I would like to tag an item both by content and by original authors. If I mix the two together, then I end up with a huge tag cloud.

Is there a specific reason to use tags for original authors given your workflow?
I would suggest using an internal link for author. This would also allow you to use backlinks on any author to see where you referenced anything else by the same person.

You could also use the alias feature for different formats. For example, you could list all authors by [[Lastname, Firstname]] so they are sorted alphabetically, but then each could have an alias for readability that was the other way around and without a comma so if you linked to [[Terry Pratchett]] in a document it would take you to [[Pratchett, Terry]].

Very good idea. So I created a page for each author and then in the main items I link to these authors. I can then, In the Link panel, quickly find all items from each author.

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