MultiMarkdown Tables

Use case or problem

Merging cells and controlling text alignment would make a lot of things easier and cleaner for me.

The features supported by MultiMarkdown are as follows:

  • Cell merging (“long cells”) as often seen in spreadsheets
  • Heading grouping
  • Set text alignment of cell contents
  • Table titles (“captions”)

Proposed solution

Using MultiMarkdown for tables is the proposed idea.

The original is implemented in C, which could be compiled into Electron, but I assume you would want to use a Javascript implementation like this one:

In my mind, it does not need to be MultiMarkdown syntax specifically. But any simple syntax that provides additional table formatting without writing HTML or an external editor would be very nice.

There are other interesting table extension projects like Grid Tables and Spaceship provide other cool features, but are not written in Javascript. I would assume that you do not want to write and maintain your own custom Markdown Table parser, but if you did it might be neat to incorporate more of these ideas.

Another alternative would be to use a markdown parser that can more easily be extended so that plugin developers could add features directly.

Current workaround

Table Extended is a plugin which adds MultiMarkdown tables to Obsidian, but it is not compatible with Advanced Tables, which make tables actually usable in Obsidian.

If Obsidian were to directly support MultiMarkdown directly then it would be much easier for Advanced Tables to integrate this functionality - at least according to the developer of Advanced Tables:

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I guess the markdown notation doesn’t support such feature as I saw in here.

Is there a way to work this around? Maybe with multimarkdown?

Thanks in advance and have a good job guys.

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You can use the community plugin called Table extended (it does not work with Advanced Tables) that allows You to marge cells.


Now you can use this plugin which does work with advanced tables. The notation to merge a cell with the cell above is to have a cell containing just ^ and to merge with a cell to the left create a cell containing just <

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