Multicolumn/multirow support for tables in live preview

Use case or problem

Tables is an option to stack note information, images etc. vertically or horizontally (my use case). In order for that to work, multicolumn /multirow should be supported, giving an option to stack multiple entries together. For example: If one needs to spatially align an image with text information, tables could theoretically be used. However, size of columns are not adjustable with live preview, and the image itself cannot be nexted in a single merged cell in a table for alignment purposes.

Above image was made with the Multi-collumn Markdown plug-in (“table” above) and the native table editor with live preview mode.

Proposed solution

Current plug-ins have attempted to address this problem, most notably Tables Extended. The syntax can mirror such an implementation which is rather user-friendly. However, Live Preview needs to support said syntax and rendering

Current workaround (optional)

There are currently options for multi columns within Obsidian community plug-ins, like Tables Extended, Sheets Extended, etc. But these options only render properly with reading mode, taking away editing abilities of an active document. Moreover, linters do not play well with them, and thus source mode tables remain quite unreadable.

Related feature requests (optional)

Invisible characters as a hotkey, command, or right-click option. This helps visual alignment of tables

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