Multi Monitor Docking Bug

Steps to reproduce

1 - Use a laptop docked with 2 or more monitors connected running Windows (might be possible to reproduce on a desktop).
2 - Move application to non primary screen and save the vault.
3 - Put system to sleep and undock.
4 - Open laptop and bring out of sleep.
5 - Start Obsidian.

Expected result

Obsidian opens and displays on the only screen available or via the SHIFT+ALT+RIGHT_CLICK provides the move command to bring it to the current window.

Actual result

Obsidian Opens off screen.
There is no method of moving it. another thing to try is shift+left_click which opens another instance, but as soon as you try to load the vault it goes back off screen.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 v1909
  • Obsidian version: v0.9.11

Additional information

I was able to get around it by modifying the Vaults json file located in %username/appdata/roaming/obsidian/ (c9a420c869efdba4.json):

to :

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There’s some detection on whether the vault is visible on screen, but I’m guessing it’s probably like 1px too close to be detected.

You can use Win+Tab and right click -> Snap left/right, or just Win+Left/Right arrow keys to move the window back I believe.

You can also use this trick which I’ve found to always work:

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Thanks, I was unaware of that trick. Usually I use things like nView in Windows which simulates a number of Linux Window tricks from right clicking the task tray and providing layering and sticky window features as well as monitor assignment. I’ll need to play with that Win+Tab function more. I had originally dismissed it as another variation of alt+tab some time ago.

As far as the edge detection, I will try and reproduce again. I suspect it was in full screen on the other monitor when I put the system in sleep mode. That monitor obviously has a different resolution as well.


I can also report the same issue on Windows 10. I’m constantly moving monitors and docking/undocking my laptop, so this was getting tiresome. The Snap Left/Right trick didn’t work for me sadly, neither did the Win L/R. The SuperUser trick worked well though.

For those of you reading this in the future, the critical step in that superuser link is “Press one of the arrow keys to initiate the movement.”. You must do this to start moving the window. Also, the “Restore” option might be greyed out, indicating the window is already restored.