Multi- Markdown

Show case

How to do

1 . Open this show case link .

  1. Click " Convert + Normaliz " button ( Not "Convert " button) .

  2. Scrolldown to MultiMarkdown 6 6.3.0

  3. Copy html code , and click “ctrl + shift + v” to paste it in to note.

  4. Go to preview mode (ctrl + E) .


As you see , there’s multi-markdown, but it was implement by html code, need to convert html code .

Too Slow, Too Complex.


if there’s an plugin or original support multi -markdown syntax , we don’t need write html code, or convert markdown syntax to html code.

Is possible let “Advanced table plugin” support this feature ?

Easy, Convince.

Useful resources

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There’s the table extended plugin you can try.

As per possibility with the advanced tables plugin, the authors shares this “known issue” and related discussion from advanced table plugin’s github

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wow! Thank you so much !

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