Multi-key or chorded key hotkeys

Suggest the ability to have tmux or VIM style “chorded” hotkeys - for example I use “ctrl-a |” as the split in tmux. Hit ctrl-a as the “leader” and then the | pipe.

In VIM I use as a leader.

Think it would be nice to assign some other leader to Obsidian and have another set of complimentary key shortcuts.


I use this in VsCode all the time - its great because you can pick a “leader” for a plugin and the second key to to specific action.

⌘-d ⌘-t → Daily note plugin, jump to today
⌘-d ⌘-n → Daily note plugin, jump to next
etc etc

There’s a plugin which lets you set a leader hotkey.

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Very nice, thank you!

Leader plugin

is there a way that we can configure the leader plugin or obsidian to only use the leader key when in visual mode ?