"Multi-hop" plugin - that you can jump multi-hop to find a surprise connection

Hi everyone,

I want to build a plug-in that automatically finds and recommends relevant notes when you create a link in your note - so that you can review the old notes that might spark your thought and generate a new idea.

The underlying algorithm will traverse your knowledge graph and find a “multihop” route from your current note to old notes you might not remember that you wrote in the past. The algorithm is undoubtedly not perfect to surprise you every time, but hopefully, sometime.

Some questions:

  1. Do you find this plug-in essential? Then, please leave your comment! It helps me motivate to jump into development.

  2. How does the name “multihop” sound? I’d like to have a cool name, and it’s essential for me when I start a side hustle :smiley:


This is an outstandingly fantastic idea imho. There are many plugins,—all very useful for certain things—but I’ve yet to find one with precisely the functionality you describe, and I think such a plugin is long overdue.

As for the idea you have for the name, I don’t see why it can’t be called “multihop” or something similar—it describes exactly what it does.

:pencil2: NOTE:

I have actually come across a (similarly named) plugin called 2hop Links. As far as I could discern from a quick perusal of its description, its purpose is somewhat different from that of your plugin idea. I believe it adds links to a page at the bottom of other selected pages (similarly to the “Review” plugin, i.a.)

I personally feel that your plugin’s functionality suits the name “multihop” more than 2hop’s name suits its purpose or usage, but that’s just me.

Other plugins’ choices of naming conventions aside, I’m confident that any name you choose would be appropriate, and I wholeheartedly support your endeavor. Thank you for sharing the idea, and if you decide to actually implement such a plugin, I look forward to using it, and you have my sincere gratitude! :+1:

P.S. It is my honest opinion that multihop is, indeed, a “cool name.”

Thank you @phrostbyte for your opinion!

I’d love to build this, but it seems that only a few people would use it. Hmm.

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Yeah that’s too bad. Maybe they’ll come to their senses, in time. :wink: Thanks for putting forth the idea!