MP3 files outside vault no longer play in Audio Player

What I’m trying to do

Prior to a recent Obsidian update (not sure which) I was able to play MP3 audio via the Audio Player plugin.
This no longer works.
I have not changed any of my notes and links.

Things I have tried

The obvious think to help diagnose would be to revert to an earlier version of Obsidian but I don’t seem to be able to do this. I tried to go back to Obsidian.1.1.16 but still ended up with the latest version (Obsidian.1.2.8)

The code that works (used to check the Audio Player still works) is

![[Brigg Fair - Joseph Taylor.mp3]]

The code that fails (generated by Obsidian) is

![Brigg Fair - Joseph Taylor.mp3](file:///C:%5CUsers%5CUser%5CDropbox%5CFolk%20MP3s%5CJune%5CBrigg%20Fair%20-%20Joseph%20Taylor.mp3)

To be clear the latter played as expected but now does not. Also while the files and vault are held in my Dropbox, external picture files display properly

I believe that the issue is Obsidian not being able to access the external music file as the playback slider shows orange in the working player and is empty in the failing one, as shown below.

I think this is probably a change or bug in the way Obsidian and Audio Player exchange data but I’m somewhat out of my depth in delving into the goings on.

Fair winds
chris lawley

The native audio player look like this:

Two community plugins I saw with audio in their names don’t seem to look like your screenshot. I had never done it before, but just tried to embed an externally linked mp3 in Obsidian 1.3.2 and 1.1.16. All I get is a broken link icon (no plugins installed).

I’m curious as to where that player interface is coming from. Can you link to that plugin so we can have a look?

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