Moving the Cursor

I have inserted a picket into a new note and the cursor now sits at the top of the picture. However, I would like to move it to the bottom of the picture but have been unable to do so.

Things I have tried

I haven’t been able to find anything in the forum or help docs.

Is this on desktop or mobile Obsidian?

Desktop. There is a typo in the original post. I inserted a picture.

Hi @rj46 . You cannot move cursor to new line if you haven’t created the line. You can display editor line numbers using this setting: Settings → Editor → Display → Show line number in order to see existing empty lines. Images can also make difficult to move cursor when left click is used. Obsidian support cursor movements nicely when you left click pictures. If you don’t like this feature then you can use source editing mode to hide pictures. You can quickly switch between source mode, live preview and reading mode using the status bar. Tab title bar pen icon :pen: or book icon :open_book: can be used to toggle between read mode and current editor mode. Some Obsidian users think that this mode switcher icon in the tab title bar should indicate the current active mode. However the status bar offers this feature.

In Live preview, you can move your cursor onto the line with the ![[link.jpg]] to expose it, and then hit enter/return at the end of the link to move to a new line. e.g.

![[link.jpg]]<cursor here> enter/return


As blue_emperor mentioned, switching to source mode also works, and once there are lines below the image, you should be able to click there with the cursor or move with the arrow keys.

Yes, showing line numbers worked well. Thanks to both blue_emperor and ariehen.

In markdown picture insertion is technically viewed as inline text editing which means pictures are treaded as characters inside your text. Obsidian doesn’t make any additional assumptions to this and it allows you to insert pictures without automatically making new lines. However you can achieve automatic insertion of new lines by Insert table command which is also accessible by right click → Insert → Table. That command is really smart and it even ignores selected text. Currently drag and drop picture insertion doesn’t support inserting pictures to tables except to currently active cell. You have to copy the picture to clipboard first and move the cursor to appropriate cell. Also drag and drop of pictures doesn’t assume you don’t want to insert pictures into lines with existing text. @ariehen what do you think of the current drag of drop of pictures feature? At least they could offer table support and maybe implement automatic newlines similar to table insertion. They could even make Cmd + V image insertion to utilize that automatic newlines insertion by default. Then the users who want to insert images along other text could just delete these new lines. This magic is already implemented by the Insert table command so I can believe they could easily use that same newline insertion algorithm with images.

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