Moving (single or multi) to a folder not working

Hi dear! I don’t know if it’s a bug but I cannot find a way to move notes on folders. I was able to do it in the past but now… not possible. I restarted obsidian, without any change.
Of course I’ll let you know if it’s working again but until now… not working - v0.11.3 on Windows 10

Whether it’s single selection or multiple, drag & drop or right-click/move, from the root to a folder or from a folder to another folder… making the action of moving doesn’t have effect

Thank you

can’t repro. moving to help and please post a screen recording.

Thank you. You asked for the recording, here it is… But I doubt it will be helpful
Version 0.11.5 on Windows 102021-03-14 (3.6 MB)

thank you. where are these files stored exactly?

If you do ctrl-shift-i, do you see some errors in console?

Hi dear! My files are in my harddrive synced in my cloud after they are updated
They always was there and I never had issues before
No error in dev console

I realized that there were a subfolder with the vault name. I decided to create a new vault and to place all the note files in one only folder. I see my notes but again I cannot move them

I can maybe make a test to see if I can create a folder in somewhere else (Downloads? Documents?)

Which cloud? what happens if you disable this cloud?
Does this happen in the help vault?

Does something appear in console whe you try to move files and you can’t?

Ok… I made other tests…
As far I know this is not a cloud issue.
I created a new vault, and it was working, whether local (download folder/Test) or on my cloud, I could move the files, rename the files and seeing the changing name, move the folder etc…
BUT as soon i MOVE the files (excluding folder /obsidian where there is the config/workspace stuff), I couldn’t move any file, including the previously created folder.
So the pain in the *** will be to create new files and fill them with the content of the other notes… Hoping this error will not occur again.
Or do the move of files/folders or rename directly on Explorer.
When I update a note content, it updates automatically on the file explorer and on the cloud

how many files do you have in your vault and what the size in MB of your vault?

Actually 58 notes, 8 folders, and … Well 107Mb. I understood the real issue now.
Obsidian sounds like not managing well big files. I have several files and harddrives and I was managing the content (file list) to check what is where…
But it sounds strange because as soon I removed the files in question and create a new vault using the folder, I can now move the fies/rename etc…

Some files are from 13MB to 19MB and I don’t understand why this is causing this issue

58 notes are not many neither is 107mb. but are these markdown files 13 megabyte? what is in these text files to be 13 mb?

Hi! For moving single or multi folders you can try Long Path Tool.