Moving over from Typora; Can I replicate the Focus and Typewriter modes?

Hey there, everyone. I was using Typora to write because of the very minimal UI, but I think I’m going to start writing in Obsidian for a ton of reasons, but mostly because citations are easier to manage.

Two things I realized that I’m going to miss from Typora are typewriter mode and the focus mode. The typewriter mode basically makes the current writing place centered in the middle of the screen. The second if focus mode, which makes it so only the current paragraph is regular weight while the rest of the document is greyed out. Both of these help prevent me from getting distracted while I’m writing.

Here is more information: Focus Mode and Typewriter Mode

I wonder if any of these things are possible in Obsidian. No worries if not. I’m using the Minimal theme with the Hider plugin to create a very minimal UI. I also used the Minimal Theme Settings to add the Open Dyslexic font, which really helps me.

One other thing I thought of is if there might be a way to quickly turn the spellcheck on and off? Perhaps a hotkey.

Thank you everyone. I’m really new to all of this, but it’s very helpful.

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There are community plugins for both focus and typewriter mode. You can also configure the workspace to be focused and then save that workspace for access any time.

Several themes also offer a focus mode (like minimal).

Here’s the typewriter plugin:

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Thank you, that is very helpful.

I’m actually moving in the opposite direction - for writing. I prefer the way Typora makes paragraphs and having a space separate from the vault of undistracted work.


After installed Typewriter Scroll, I notice that it has a ‘Zen Mode’ that replicates the behavior of the Focus Mode from Typora. Thank you again.

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