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Things I have tried

Nothing yet need advice

My C drive is nearly full and i have noticed a file in apps/roaming/ obsidian which i think is cache and index?

Can I move this to my D: drive safely or easily.

Any help appreciated.

What I’m trying to do

You can move it, no problem. Keep in mind you need to reconfigure the folder Obsidian points to when opining your vault, and if you use plugins like Obsidian Git, you might need to reconfigure those too.

Use the “Move vault…” command accessed from the three-dot menu next to vault names from the main panel.

I think the two answers above are talking about moving your vault.

But you’re asking about the folder in C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\obsidian which is more related to app settings, or caches or what not.

And that answer is different. You might want to look into how people install Obsidian in portable mode. Search results for 'portable' - Obsidian Forum

Or how people are discussing or requesting the ability to choose where it installs: Controlling installation location

Also how big is the folder getting? Can you spot any abnormally large files? Maybe there is a bug. Maybe it is safe to delete that file and reset whatever caching/indexing is happening. (But I don’t know. Backup first if you try that!)

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Yes I am not on about the vault, but the roaming folder. it is 565mb at the moment, the main culprits seem to be Cache, Code Cache and Service worker.

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