Moving notes, with attachments, to new vault

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I have had a look through the forum archive and can’t seem to find an answer, so here goes!

I would like to spin off a number of my notes into a new vault (which I can then share through Obsidian Publish), but the notes concerned have a number of attachments (predominately screenshots) within them - is there a way of moving them to the new vault whilst ensuring their attachments move with them please?

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No. You need to manually move them.
My attachments for important documents have the same basename as the markdown files. For unimportant stuff, I have IMG_ and Screenshot, which is not good practice.

How many attachments do you have?

Thanks - I was hoping there might be an automated way of doing it!!

Total numbers of attachments - loads.
Number of attachments I need to move to the new vault - probably not that many, measured in 10s rather than 100s!

Not without a script – which is beyond my capabilities. I don’t know how in a shell script I would get the current filename. Then in a Templater js one may need filesystem permissions (or one could work with Obsidian API). Some wizard could chip in or you could get the input of a chat robot (don’t try the 3.5 free versions, they suck; you need a robot that knows about Obsidian API).

Actually, I think all scripts that can be reused should be put in Share&Showcase and then linked to the Help thread.
This request/job will be a recurring one so we should have a script or two for it.

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Yes, some plugin. I forgot to mention that.
Or copying code from a plugin – but that’s advanced.

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