Moving note from journal to folder

What I’m trying to do

I’ve been using the journal to collect thoughts I know I’ll want to move to the root folder and start linking them.

A bit ago I used the move file command on several journal entries to do just that. Surprised to later find that the notes are not in the root folder.

So how do you move notes from the journal folder to the root folder?

Things I have tried

Searched the help and Here on the Forum. Found numerous posts on moving notes, but none on moving notes from the journal folder.

Where are they? Are you sure they moved in the first place?

By “Journal” do you mean the Daily Notes plugin? Do you possibly have a plugin that is automatically detecting the daily notes format, and automatically moving them back to where it thinks they “should” be?

Otherwise what you are doing should just work. Maybe list your “Show Debug Info”.

Well, they are in my vault. I would have sworn that when I posted yesterday they were not. But

I just did a test. I used the move command to move a note from my journal to my vault. And it is also in my vault.

The best explanation of the situation when when I posted yesterday is that I was mistaken when I said the notes were not in my fault.