Moving multiple notes

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What I’m trying to do

Question, I googled but wasn’t sure how to word it so I didn’t find much
I have a vault for characters in the history of my world. I want to move all the notes with the characters into the folders of their house name.
So for example
Lord John Smith
Lady Jane Doe
What I was wonder is if there is a way to select all notes with “doe” or “smith” in the title and then moving them to the correct folder? I know I can click and hold shift to select multiple notes, but they are not all in alphabetical order because the first names vary.

Things I have tried

I tried using the search pane and file name option, but cannot drag and drop the notes from there. I sent a query to the discord without help. I searched drag & drop multiple notes, but that just gave me the click first, shift, click last but that is not what I need.

I don’t recommend this solution. Moving files outside Obsidian will can break the links.

You can use app.fileManager.renameFile in the developer console, DataviewJS codeblock, TemplaterJS, … to programmatically move/rename your files.

But yes, it requires some knowledge about Obsidian API (not very difficult tho).


Moving files from outside of Obsidan can break links. If the links include a file path, they will break. If the’re just the note name, they’ll continue working (unless you’re using the non-default “relative links” setting, in which case those will break too).