Moving main vaults local save to new PC

Things I have tried

Researched the internet for tips. Uforntunately i didn’t find anyone addressing my issue (I suspect it is really basic).

What I’m trying to do

I use obsidian sync. My vault is stored locally on my computer.

However, I recently got a new PC and wish to move the local save of the vault (i’m gonna wipe the old one and sell it).

How do I move the local save to my new computer?

I know this is probably really basic, but i’m really careful with my vault and don’t want to mess things up. Hope anyone can help!:slight_smile:

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While I don’t have the answer - I also need the answer. My old computer takes about 15 minutes to open websites, so it was time to upgrade.
However… I need to move my vault from my old computer to my new one.
I tried to move them from their locations to the same locations on the new computer.
Then I realized that the new computer did not open from the same location. So I moved them to the location where the computer expects to see them. Still, the program doesn’t recognize the items in the files. I can see the files, but when I go to open them, they look empty.

But, when I open them from file explorer, I can see the items in the folders.

Does anyone have any advice? I’m doing a PhD project and I’d really hate to lose all of the work that I’ve put in there - or have to type it out into Word or another relatively unhelpful piece of software.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi, I replied to you on Discord too. You said the same thing. This doesn’t really make any sense. It doesn’t “expect” to find them anywhere. You can browse to any location, and save your vault wherever you like.

As for the problem with empty files, you’re really going to have to give some more information. And there is a possibility you had some data corruption on your flash drive. It’s very hard to guess.

  1. In Obsidian, run the command “Show debug info” and paste the results here.

  2. Or post a screenshot of what you are seeing. Or the files in your file system. Anything that can help us troubleshoot what may be happening.

@aleksanderv sorry you didn’t get an answer to your post. Did you figure it out? Do you still have access to your old computer?

I’m not using Obsidian Sync personally, so I can’t advise you how to download from your online vault. I’m sure you can do this.

But without Obsidian Sync, to move your local vault over, you can just .zip up the entire vault folder, and send it by email (if it’s small enough), or a thumb drive, or any other way of sending files.

I did figure it out! Which is a small miracle really because I am not this sort of technology savvy.

In the old computer the Obsidian Vault was in the C/Hard Drive and the Obsidian folder was in Program Files in the D/SSD. So, I tried to move them to the same files on the new computer. It did not work. Obsidian could not see them.

However! In a stroke of desperation I remembered what everyone has been saying about this being a markdown program. I realized that the files in the Obsidian Vault were all ISON files (whatever that is). So I moved the Obsidian file into the Obsidian Vault file and then opened the Obsidian Vault file in the program and BAM! Everything was there.

I’m still backing up to Word - or at least to PDF, which I see can be done via the program, because I cannot go and lose a PhD project randomly. I know someone this happened [using a different program] to 6 years in the a 7 year PhD and it wrecked his project and he lost his funding.

Thank you for your 3am help, though.

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