Moving images doesn't update markdown image links correctly

Steps to reproduce

Have a picture called example.jpg in the root of the vault.

Have a note in the root of the vault - with the following content:


Create a folder called foo. Move the picture from the root to foo and let obsidian update the links.

Expected result

The content of is as follows:


Actual result

The content of is as follows:



  • Operating system: mac OS 10.15.6 Catalina
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.4

Additional information

1Writer for iOS tends to create images links like this and the text in the square brackets is also used by some markdown software as alt text.

File->New Link Format is set to Relative Path.

It looks like you are using standard markdown links. If you want max compatibility with other software you should also select File->New Link Format->Relative Path

@WhiteNoise That is already activated. Sorry should’ve mentioned that.

EDIT: Wow! Quick trigger bug triaging. This is already on the graveyard. Should I open another post?

let me double check

I can’t reproduce the problem with 0.9.6. If you still have this issue after we release it, open a new bug report and attach a videocapture.

Okay. Thanks!