Moving from RemNote

Things I have tried

I have setup obsidian after a recommendation to switch to it from remnote and already my workflow seems significantly better however I have a lot of information and notes on there and I was wondering if there was a better way of transferring the information because when simply done through a markdown file it looks horrible because it needs a lot of formatting for it to look right and I don’t have that much time (enough to reformat all of my notes from school that I’ve written)

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to find a way to import all my information so that it comes out the other end not looking horrible and being formatted correctly and I was wondering if this was possible or feasible or if I’m just being an idiot and I should just set aside a day to try and reformat all of my notes, Thank you for any help provided on my problem and again sorry if I’m asking for the impossible or there is something obvious that I’m missing here.

I have tried this also, but I find it only so-so results. I do the Markdown export in Remnote, and then have to touch it up by hand or a custom Python script. Not scalable, or even easy, if aesthetics are important to you. I find that I prefer taking notes from PDFs in Remnote, and then pasting them (well, the Markdown export) into Obsidian, to have a local copy that I can further hack. I’m curious to see what others say and do.

I don’t really mind the os in remnote that much tbh with eustashios dark mode. i will admit that obsidians os is much better than even eustashios dark theme but if its going to be that much hassle from me to switch from one to the other for little functionality gain I might just not because I just don’t think I have the time.

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