Moving from one computer to another

Hello, all.

I’m getting a new MacBook. Is migrating as simple as moving everything from my vault (including hidden files) to the new Mac, or are there more files I should move?


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I just moved to a new Mac too.

  1. Yes, move your Vault and all hidden files.

  2. You’ll find all your Obsidian preferences under here:
    ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian

I don’t know this… but it might be safest if you close Obsidian before you copy the Library files. I don’t think I did, and everything was fine. But I might have just got lucky. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure but I’d guess you probably don’t need to move the files in ~Library/Application Support/obsidian just your vault. You will need to open the directory the first time you fire up obsidian on the new machine but that should be it.

@andy47 that is where a bunch of settings are stored. If you move that folder, you will have a seamless transition, saving your preferences, plugin settings, and window/layout settings. (as far as I can tell.)

It isn’t necessary, but it will save a bit of work getting setup.

I am also moving to a new computer (windows). It is clear I have to move the vault with ALL files.
But regarding the Obsidian preferences, does anyone know where this folder is located in windows?
Thank you so much!

Your vault settings, plugins, starred, templates, etc. are all stored inside your vault under a hidden .obsidian folder. As long as you copy your entire vault folder, you should be good to go.

It’s not necessary to also copy the files in your app settings folder. Although it does contain information like the list of your vaults. And other stuff like cache information. So if you lost that folder, you would just have to add your vaults to the list again. But your vault(s) would be intact.

From the docs:
on Windows %APPDATA%\Obsidian\

And you can find your APPDATA folder like this:
(If you hit Windows-R and type %AppData% in the run box, it should take you there.)

Thank you very much for your quick and clear answer!!