Moving domain to Obsidian Publish

Hello dear Obsidian Community
I’m currently trying Obsidian Publish for making some notes publicly available and to use it as my main website.

Since a few months, I registered a domain on GoDaddy and hosted a very rough Wordpress Page on Hostgator. I don’t need this page anymore.

As suggested in the Tutorial, I registered the domain to Cloudflare and modified the DNS at GoDaddy, changed so far so good.

It loaded tons of DNS configurations from hostgator that are mostly obsolete, but lacking knowledge, I couldn’t yet figure out which one to get rid of. Probably all of them…

What is your guess, do you think I can get rid of all entries? There is no service that I use on Hostgator anymore, though I didn’t purge it yet.

For now, I deleted the existing CNAME DNS record and replaced it with a
CNAME linking my domain to

I added the domain in Obsidian Publish as described.

As now, nothing works anymore, and I get a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error message when opening the domain (

Could this be due to DNS propagation time or is there something more that I need to configure / remove in Cloudflare?

Many thanks for any idea :slight_smile:

It seems I was a bit unpatient, the redirect works fine :slight_smile:
Another day I will clean up the mess, but I guess my main subject here solved itself.

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