Moviegrabber Plugin - automatically create notes for movies

After releasing my (first) plugin moviegrabber on the plugin-browser a little while ago and continously updating it, i feel it is now at a point where i can make a post showcasing it.

Moviegrabber is a simple plugin, that allows you to grab data for movies (and series) from the Omdb and transform it into notes using a convenient templating syntax.


  • Grab movie data from the open movie database (Omdb) and create Notes for it.
  • Integrated search
  • Get a trailer embed from youtube (optional).
  • Create your own templates
    • Templates include the option to add pre- and suffixes to the data (create internal links)
  • Keep data in your notes when overwriting

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Looks very cool. Ran into an issue creating notes, added an issue to your GitHub page.

It seems there was a problem when the {{Ratings}} tag was used. I published version 1.1.10 wich fixes this issue but until then it should work if you remove {{Ratings}} from the commented section in the default template.

This is the best Movie and Series note creater I’ve tested. It allows you to customize your template exactly how you want with only the OMDb fields that you want. Other media plugins don’t allow that kind of control. Great job!

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Get embedded trailer from youtube (optional). so does it work like bollyflixin where i watch movies regularly