Movie timestamps

What I’m trying to do

I really like to add annotations to video timestamps
Since Obsidian v1.2.8 URLs of local movies are broken and older plugins adding timestamps do not work anymore

Things I have tried

Great plugins like Media extended or Timestamp notes dont work anymore with local movie urls and both plugins didnt see any updates for a long time.

I know about Podnotes but this great plugin was made for audio podcasts and not, to annotate movie timestamps. So im not sure how well my feature request would fit into podnotes’ design. Well maybe i should ask the author to include videos too

What other tools or plugins would you suggest to annotate timestamps within Obsidian?

I’m just throwing this here, haven’t used it much, yi-note. It isn’t maintained (latest version is from Nov 27, 2020).

If looking for a easier and more global solution and you are using Linux by any chance. Take a look at (playerctl). I can take annotations about anything I am watching both online and on browser and offline and using a mediaplayer.

playerctl looks interesting productivity tool. Can you give some details how to use it to document positions and then to go back to these positions? Ideally one should have links that can be pressed which is what yi-note offers. If links are not possible, then use this document format:

1 - 00:07:01 - comment1
2 - 00:07:30 - comment2
3 - 00:08:30 - comment3

To go to position 2 one should run some command that takes 2 as argument. I think this is more efficient than manually typing the whole position.

When reading comments made by someone else one could run

playerctl position convert("10:07")

to navigate to position 10:07. But the position needs to be converted to seconds first.

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