Movie find plugin

Can someone help me change the API in the Quickadd plugin to another that performs a similar function? I don’t know javascript. :frowning:

Your request is rather vague, what do you link to change, and why?

Maybe you should try another movie find pluging, like the one minimal suggests: Create a movie database - Minimal Documentation . This also uses the OMDb database for searching movies, so it’ll require an OMDb api key, but the guide says how to get one.

I want to use another service (api) to search for movies. Because it will allow you to search for movies in another language, save data in another language, and also display additional information.

I’m not your guy for doing that job, but this is useful information for that guy to work with. Do you even know which service you’d want to use, and which other information you would to like to get out of it?

If you gather all of that information, you could consider posting all of this information into the “Plugins ideas”, or just in this thread to see if someone picks up on the idea to do that plugin.

I want to use the kinopoisk service, I have all the necessary documentation (I think) to perform the api replacement.

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