Moved vault from iCloud to C and files disappeared

Things I have tried

Searched previous Topics.
Restarted computer.
Waited a few hours for sync to occur.

What I’m trying to do

I moved my Obsidian Vault folder to iCloud when I moved all of my C drive folders. The Hotkeys stopped working. Found a Topic in this Forum that said iCloud and Obsidian Sync work against each other to sync. So I moved my Obsidian Vault folder back to my C drive. The folders are there, but no files in them. How do I retrieve them now? I tried moving the vault back to iCloud, but the files did not appear.

First step: Make a .ZIP file of your entire vault and copy it somewhere safe before you continue to try and move things around. The files might still be in the File Recovery snapshots. (I’m not sure if File Recovery snapshots get saved in your vault, or in your Obsidian app settings folder.)

When you first moved to iCloud, did you “move” or did you “copy”? Do you have the old version from before the move?

In both moves, how did you move the files? Specifically, and in detail. (dragged? copied? a tool? the Obsidian “Move Vault…” command?)

Where specifically on your C:/ did you put them? What full path? (Hide your username if you want to). Is it a folder where you have the file-permissions to write files?

I wonder if they disappeared in iCloud or in that C:/ folder… Do you know when the files disappeared?

There is a chance you can use the File Recovery plugin in Obsidian to restore the files. But it isn’t really meant for a job like this. It’s one file at a time, as far as I know.

Did you keep a backup anywhere? :frowning:

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Thank you for responding so quickly. Unfortunately, I do not have backup.

When I moved the vault, I dragged and dropped it within Windows Explorer from C:\Users\xxxx\OneDrive - xxx.us_ARS_BOOK - CIW_Obsidian Database
to C:\

Yes I have permissions to write files in both. I use them regularly.

The files existed in iCloud, but the Hotkeys did not work.

The files disappeared when I moved to the C drive.

Doesn’t Obsidian keep temporary files from Sync?

Solved the problem with Microsoft. When I moved my files from OneDrive (I mistakenly said iCloud previously) to the C drive, the files went to the Recycling Bin. I

The files simply had to be restored.

Thanks for your responses - they provided helpful clues.


Oh good, really happy you found your files! :partying_face:

Soapbox message to everyone: Keep backups! .zip up your whole vault sometimes, and copy it somewhere safe. Keep a copy offsite somewhere. Backup backup backup!

iCloud and other cloud syncing tools are not good backup on their own. If there is ever a problem they just sync that problem. A backup keeps incremental copies that you can roll back to.

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World Backup Day provides some starter info: Home | World Backup Day — March 31st

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