Move Text Cursor to a New Line

Many text editors support creating a new line while the cursor is still in the middle of the previous line, making it unnecessary to move to the end of the line first.

Sublime Text uses Ctrl-Space (Cmd-Space), Vim uses o, among many others.

Use case or problem

Starting with the following line, with ][ representing the cursor:

- [ ] Empty ][Bins

Currently in Obsidian, there is, to my knowledge (see below), no way to get a clean and fresh empty line below the cursor, without first moving to the end (Ctrl→).

Proposed solution

I suggest adding a command to “start a new line below the cursor”. Default keybindings could be Alt-Enter or Shift-Enter. It would also be quite reasonable to not assign any keybindings by default and leave it up to the user, as currently with the “Swap line up/down” commands.

Current workaround

Using Ctrl→ followed by Enter works fine, although somewhat unsatisfactorily. When Vim mode is enabled, o produces the desired result.

Related feature requests

I am personally undecided, whether I like the current method of escaping from lists, quotation blocks (possibly others?) by pressing Enter multiple times. However, the above proposed command should reflect the default behaviour.

Vim also implements upper case O for create a new line above the cursor. This is presumably not desired in Obsidian, outside of Vim mode.

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