Move note don't update the link in this note

Steps to reproduce

There is a note named and a nate named

The is in a folder named animal and the is not

There is a link to in [cat](animal/

Now I move the in folder animal,the link don’t update

Expected result

the link update to [cat](

Actual result

the link don’t update, it still [cat](animal/

I think Obsidian only updates Obsidian/wiki-style links like [[cat]], not Markdown links like [cat](animal/

EDIT: Actually, now I’m not sure, and it doesn’t seem to be documented in the official Help.

Do you use relateve-path mode? If so:

please have a try before move this to bug graveyard

I think it is not same bug,I use markdown style link,not wiki.
And if I move the,the link in will be update
The bug is that,When move the note, the link in this note don’t update, other note will update correctly

if I move the,the link in will be update.
So Obsidian surport markdown links, and can update the link when move note.
The link don’t update is only in the note which be moved

it doesn’t matter if it’s markdown or wiki style. If use relative path mode, which it seems what you are using, than that’s the problem.

what does this mean?

You know what, let’s start from the beginning.
Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault. Show the files, create the link. And show the problem.

Also attach the “show debug info output”

Thank you for replying. Now I understand your mean, and hope the bug fixed in the future.
There is some small difference in this two case. Use relative path in wiki link may be not popular, but Use relative path in markdown link is a standard mode. so this bug has more negative effect to markdown style user. I afraid for Obsidian author will not pay attention to Wiki relative path bug, and don’t know it also affect standard mardown link

sorry, My English is poor, you may be don’t understand what I say. Do you want a gif?