Move note content from center of the screen to the side

What I’m trying to do

When I have a single, unsplit tab open, I’d like the actual note to stick to the side of the page instead of being centralized and having large, empty margins. Basically, like having the “readable line length” option disabled, but with a limit on the line length (yeah, sounds weird, but I think you’ll get it). Even better if I can have a very small margin instead (or be able to mess with it myself).

Bonus points if you can have it play nice with RTL (Right-to-Left).

Things I have tried

Currently using Minimal Theme. I’ve tried messing with the line-width plugin, then with Minimal’s built-in line adjuster, and also looking for a few CSS snippets. What I’ve found only helped mess with the line length, not with the location of the actual note on the screen.

Do you mean something like this?

If so, you could play around with:

.view-content > .markdown-source-view.mod-cm6.half-note > .cm-editor > .cm-scroller {
    padding-left: 400px;

and add half-note to the cssclasses Property/YAML of the notes where you want the CSS to take effect.

// moved to Custom CSS

That works great. Thank you!

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