Move/delete multiple files from search results?

Sorry if I’m using incorrect search terms or missing something basic, but how do you perform operations on multiple files from search results?

e.g. You search for files, you get 704 results but you can’t select more than one at a time, so you have to delete them one-by-one (as an example).

In the end, I just removed the files in MacOS but is there a way to select multiple files from the search results?

Cheers, Ben

I hadn’t tried before, but I can’t seem to select multiple results in the Search tab. And even if you could, there’s no Delete in the context menu.

This thread is worth having a read through:

And two related feature requests that I could find:

First of all see the post above for more on your actual request, but I just wanted to suggest an alternate workflow where you possibly could use some query to do the search, and then select or reuse those criteria in another run where you let the query delete the files.

I’ve not done exactly this, but it could possibly be an alternate route if you find yourself wanting to do this often. It would involve some dataviewjs stuff, but it shouldn’t be too hard to implement, at least not if you now a little bit of coding.

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