Move current tab to different pane

Things I have tried

I know there’s shortcuts to focus the pane top/bottom/right/left to the current pane.
I’d like a set of shortcuts that takes the currently focused note with it on that journey, so to speak.

What I’m trying to do

Move the current note/tab to another pane with keyboard shortcuts.

Maybe there’s an addon out there that already does this?



A quick search through the commands reveals nothing like that, besides an option to move current tab to another window (out of the existing panes), which I reckon is not what you want.

I made a hotfix the other day to close others tabs in the same tab group, and it revealed that there are possibilities to possibly do so using some javascript. I’ve also discovered that one can utilise the Quick Add plugin to do stuff like this.

Will it be simple? Most likely not. Will it be robust? Possibly not. Could it be done? In theory, yes.

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I haven’t found any plugins that can do this. I would very much like one or for it to be native.

There’s a feature request: ‘Move current tab to new pane’ hotkey option? Drop a :purple_heart:


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