Move around Obsidian with the keyboard


I am a keyboard user, and I would love to be able to use just the keyboard to move around Obsidian mainly because of its settings.

Proposed solution

Browser plugins like Vimium C that allow you to navigate with the keyboard very comfortably. The mechanism used is to use a key to show “letters on the screen” of the places where you can go. Once you know the place where you want to go, you simply press the associated key.

You can move around Obsidian with the keyboard. Checkout the command palette and the hotkeys.

I would love this functionality

As you can see in the image, “letters” appear for the different movement options and I just have to press them to click on them.

Currently one can move with great difficulty, in some cases too many “TABs” are needed to perform a simple function. The functionality I propose would make navigation easier.

I understand what you want. The title you chose for this thread is a little vague.

Moved to plugin ideas.

Please see this plugin

Thank you, it is what I was looking for, the plugin is functional, it just needs to work in all obsidian windows.