Mouse-drag for Multiple Cursor Editing

Many editors are alt-drag capable. Multi-cursor editing UX would be improved in Obs if we could alt-drag the mouse like this example in notepad++

Related: (Alt + up) (Alt + down) to get multiple cursors like VS Code


How is what you are requesting different than the current multiple cursor functionality?

Just a smoother activation. In the screenshot I’m not having to coordinate clicking the left mouse button 5 times as I drag down lines 3 to 7. In Obsidian you have to discretely move and click on every position. Here, I’m proposing that dragging the mouse will set all the cursors in a single, motion.

The related (Alt + up/down) is better than this, but either are nicer than discrete positioning in a workflow.

Ah okay, I understand. Yes, dragging instead of clicking each line would be a major improvement :+1:

I’d also be greatful for a function like this. I come from VSCode and multi-cursor support is one of the few things I lack, clicking and dragging the scroll-wheel is default in the code editors I used so far and it’s way more convenient than clicking lines each time.

Alt drag-and-dropping would work too the problem is that it rarely does for me. I start dragging the cursor and 1-2 lines later Obsidian stops adding new cursors and I have to click again to continue adding more cursors.

I’m pretty sure that this has been implemented. It works beautifully! Thank you.

Maybe time to archive this thread.

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