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What I’m trying to do

One of the great things about Obsidian is that it lets you write stream-of-consciousness and put almost anything almost anywhere.

One way I use that is to intersperse to-dos in my writing, just like I used to do in paper journals. Like so:

Here’s some writing I’m doing. I’m having some great thoughts! I’m also

  • [ ] Oh, crap, that reminds me; I need to do this thing! Well, luckily I can write a to-do right here, and remember to do it later!

enjoying using Obsidian.

What’s great about this is that I don’t have to switch to another app and lose my train of thought. What’s not great is that this Task now stands out like a sore thumb, interfering with reading what I wrote.

I suppose I could cut and paste the tasks elsewhere later, but let’s be honest—I won’t. And frankly don’t want to.

What I do want is to be able to shrink down the task to a little thumbnail—maybe like - [ ]…, where I can click on the to reveal the actual text of the task.

Is there any way to do anything like this? With CSS snippets, or anything?

I think it’s doable with CSS but I don’t remember how. Possible keywords include hover, select, focus (hover isn’t what you want, but might lead to the right place).

I thought I found an obvious solution—put tasks in footnotes—but tasks aren’t recognized in footnotes. Is there a workaround for this?

Edit: Yes, there is! Format the footnote like this:

- [ ] [^1]: Here’s a task!

And it just magically works both as a task and as a footnote! Don’t ask me why; I don’t care!

P.S. This really only works with the Footnote Shortcut plugin installed. Otherwise making a footnote is far too much work.

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