More tags management in tags panel

Use case or problem

I think the tag panel is too static to edit

Proposed solution

I propose a tag panel more dynamic with the possibility to annidate tag with a click and the possibility to rename a tag in the panel and update it in all files where it was used

Current workaround (optional)

At this moment this option are all manual and mechanical to apply for every file

Related feature requests (optional)

This is a quite general feature request - would probably be better to join one or several of the numerous already existing requests, among others:

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You are right, I wanted to propose it again to make it more popular and maybe collect the different requests, anyway thanks a lot

Tag Wrangler can rename tags.

Available from the community plugins.


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Thanks you, for the other things I think there isn’t a plugin

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Renaming does update all the files where the tag is used. Complete happiness for me.

Tag Wrangler doesn’t have an annotate option, but it can create pages based on tags: right click the tag and choose ‘Create tag page’, which you can add notes to.


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It useful anyway I need else too